Episode III — Baby’s First Finals

Hi everyone! Wishing you the best, and hoping you’re well. I wanted to pop on here briefly just to check in during finals season, which can be seriously overwhelming. The end is in sight, but it’s so easy to be consumed by exams, papers, projects, reports, and anything else you might be assigned.

This is a unique experience for me, because I’ve actually never had finals before. I’ve had midterms—my high school was able to squeeze those in before the pandemic hit—but finals are completely uncharted territory for me. Sure, I’ve written final papers and done AP exams, but I’ve never been in an environment with so many people all stressed about the same thing.

Scratch that. I was in that environment literally a year ago today when applying to college. And, upon further reflection, I not only made it through, but ended up here!

So, as it turns out, you actually can push past adversity. But that doesn’t make those feelings of anxiety, stress, and fear magically disappear. The good news is that we are men and women for others here at Holy Cross, so remember that you’ve got a community to fall back on when you need that extra support. And if you’re where I was a year ago today, read above. You will get through this. I promise!

Have a wonderful holiday season, everyone. I’ll see you all in 2024!

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